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November 21, 2016

Appleton Engagement Photographer | Stephanie and Michael

Lots-o-pics today!! So…this is Stephanie!!! Ahhh…isn’t she awesome?! I first meet Stephanie a couple years back when she joined the Appleton Area Jaycees. She was pretty quiet but you could tell once you talked to her that she had a great personality, was super sweet and genuine. We had a great time together in the Jaycees and she was around for many of our ladies nights as well which was wonderful! I really loved it. Then she moved…total bummer. But hey, life calls and you just gotta go. She started seeing Mike and I followed her journey and their path to love on social media. (stalker much?, lol) Well…it was no surprise when the news came that she had said yes to him a week prior to her birthday. I was so happy for her and pretty sure I hit the “like” button way to quickly, haha!! The thing is, I love all my friends and cherish all the relationships in my life, but I never ever expect them to hire me as their photographer nor so I feel awful if they don’t. I just really am happy for everyone that’s come into my life and happy that they’ve found another. So yes….yes I was still surprised, happy, and grateful that of all the photographers out there, Stephanie chose to ask me to document her wedding day!!! That just warms my heart and I am so so so very happy to do it. I really can’t wait. These two are so sweet and caring and I know that I’m just going to have a great time and lots of fun documenting their beginning love story!! Thank you Stephanie and Michael for allowing me to spend a beautiful morning with you both. We made it through the cool and dampness of the morning and a slight chill in the wind, but you guys did so great. I’m happy to call you a friend and now, a #clmbride!!!

Hair and Make up: Cathy Keeley

appleton engagement photographer
appleton engagement photographer
appleton engagement photographer
appleton engagement photographer

We got a moment to hit up The 10th Frame bowling alley and it was fun to have all the lanes to ourselves. I carefully walked down the gutters into the middle of the alley and got down as close as I could without sticking my hands and body all over the oiled lanes. Haha…it was a challenge but so much fun and one that I’ve never done before so that was pretty cool!
appleton engagement photographer

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