Appleton Film Photographer | Rooftop Session with Chelsea

July 27, 2017

I feel so lucky to have a friend that allowed us to be on his Appleton downtown rooftop on College Ave for these images. However, not so lucky that the little rascals in the area stole his ladder. Which is why this was a scary shoot, haha. We had to defy gravity for these images!! Because the ladder went “missing”…we had to reach over thin air to a ladder hanging 2 stories above the ground — latch on and then climb up without falling those 2 stories just to get to this location. Oh…and that’s not to mention the dark staircase going up there and climbing through a hole in the wall and crouching through a crawl space to get to the opening to the rooftop. Yup…we did all that. And I lugged my digital and medium format film camera with me. These are all images taken from my film camera and I couldn’t be happier with them. There is just something about film I tell ya!! But hey, don’t be too surprised because I don’t think I’m letting go of my film passion just yet. I started on that medium almost twenty years ago — yeah…that long ago. And I plan on continue for many more to come. So, enjoy these images!


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