Appleton Portrait Photographer | Amanda

May 24, 2016

This girl is just a teenager and is wonderful to work with. She has big dreams and two amazing parents that are supporting her all the way.

A little while ago, I got this message from one of my former Soldiers from my days in the Wisconsin Army National Guard. At first, I thought that he was reaching out for family photos…but then, he requests for a portrait session with his daughter to big her modeling portfolio. I was so excited! It’s not super often that a I get to be a portrait photographer for younger folks so it was pretty amazing. When I met Amanda on Sunday, she was fun, goofy and easy going. I really liked her personality. And then…put her in front of the camera and bam! She became a rock star. I’ve never had a child take better direction in posing…ever! I wish all clients under the age of 18 would be that cooperative…heck..even adults sometimes aren’t as cooperative, lol.

She did an amazing job and I can’t wait to reveal the full gallery in a couple weeks to her and her parents. I hope that this helps her start her portfolio into the modeling an acting world. She hopes to be on disney one day, so let’s send out all our thoughts so that the world can know where to focus its energy…on this beautiful, smart and kind soul!!

Thanks for reaching out to me!

Professional Hair and Make Up: VAMP by AJ

Studio Location: The Feather and Bone Gallery at The Draw

Special thanks to Stepanie Goodman for her assistance.


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