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February 3, 2016

Appleton Portrait Photographer

It’s not often that Margo is in town. And luckily, she happened to be in Wisconsin for a few days before flying back to work and then eventually, back to Florida which she now calls home. Every time I get a chance to work with this girl, I take that opportunity because she is just so genuine and such a professional model. She always comes prepared, plenty of wardrobe and styling options, and hair and makeup ready to rock and roll. This girls has so many creative ideas all the time, it’s no wonder she gets some of the best photo shoots.

Even though it was a very dull and rainy sort of December day, it didn’t stop us from finding some killer locations with some really nice natural light to take these photos. We climbed stairs, hopped over railings, climbed ledges….ehh….you know, the normal kind of stuff I typically do on all photoshoots. LOL. It’s never complete without me putting myself in some sort of dangerous situation. It’s all in the name of art!

I know that Margo is going to do wonderful things and simply has no limit! She’s got a bit of air time in the new film, Dirty Grandpa! You can see her share the scene with Zac Efron in the Flex Beach scene 🙂 How cool is that?!

I look forward to working with her again the next time she’s in the area. Until then, here’s a few of the choice images that I love!

Margo Blog 2

Margo Blog 3

Margo Blog 4

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