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January 7, 2016

Appleton Wedding Photographer | Laura and Alex

Appleton Wedding Photographer | Laura and Alex

Fate…I think that is where I will start with Laura and Alex. It was such a happy accident that we got connected and eventually, selected to be the photographer to capture Laura and Alex’s wedding day in June:)

Last year, I was photographing Rachel and Owen’s wedding. (Check out their wedding HERE.) I finished up at the salon a bit early and decided to head on over to Mulberry Lane Farms to get a head start on photographing the beautiful details. As I was running around and snapping photos, I had to take a pit stop at my car. I saw a vehicle parked next to mine and two ladies appeared to be either just arriving or just leaving. Assuming that they were really early wedding guests, I wanted to chat with them and just give them some information on the wedding day, timeline and festivities if they were early and wanted to do some things around the farm while they waited. But, to my mistake, I was wrong. They were actually Laura’s mother and sister, who were stopping into the farm to visit Bonnie (the owner) and to drop off a deposit for Laura and Alex’s wedding day that following year. They mentioned that Laura lived in Colorado and trusted her family to scout for them and to place the deposit in their name. (super awesome family by the way). So without even a thought, I handed them a card with Rachel and Owen’s wedding link and asked them to share the wedding photos from that day with Laura so that she could see first hand, what a wedding at Mulberry Lane Farms looks like in its entirety. At this point, I fully assumed that they had already booked a photographer and it wasn’t even a thought to ask them to hire me, I genuinely wanted to share the photos so Laura would know what her wedding could look like since she couldn’t see the place in person herself.

Months had past and I never even gave it a thought until one day, out of the blue, I get an email from Laura! Wow, I was very surprised that my little connection with her mom and sister made an impression. She told me that she did in fact take a look at Rachel and Owen’s wedding photos and loved them and wanted to have me as her photographer as well! FATE I tell ya. It was actually quite funny because after we connected, I found out that Laura’s family contacted Rachel through Bonnie and purchased many of the items that Rachel used at their wedding. It was absolutely perfect!

The day came and I got to meet Laura in person for the first time after much correspondence via email and phone. She was just an absolute sweetie and Alex was the kindest soul and the two of them together…you could SO tell just how much they truly loved each other. Oh…and the best part, they have a little guy together and OMG is he not just the cutest?!!? He even photobombed Laura as she walked down the isle with her dad. It was very adorable!

The weather could not have been any more perfect. And for me, I was nearing the end of my pregnancy and Laura’s wedding was my last wedding before I had my baby…so when I say weather was good…oh yes, I mean even for a 8+ month pregnant woman, it was great!

I am so happy that I got a chance to meet and get to know Laura, Alex and their families. They are such a wonderful couple and I wish them all the best! Perhaps one day, they will find themselves back in Wisconsin;)

Venue: Mulberry Lane Farms

Bridal Gown: Erika’s Bridal Couture

Florist: Marshall Florists

Bakery: Manderfield’s Bakery

DJ: Dynasty Band

Laura and Alex 1

Laura and Alex 2

Laura and Alex 3

Laura and Alex 4

Laura and Alex 5

Laura and Alex 6

Laura and Alex 7

Laura and Alex 8

Laura and Alex 9 Laura and Alex 10

Laura and Alex 11

Laura and Alex 12

Laura and Alex 13

Laura and Alex 14

Laura and Alex 16

Laura and Alex 15

Laura and Alex 17

Laura and Alex 19

Laura and Alex 18

Laura and Alex 20

Laura and Alex 21

Laura and Alex 22

Laura and Alex 23

Laura and Alex 24

Laura and Alex 25

Laura and Alex 26

Laura and Alex 27

Laura and Alex 28 Laura and Alex 29

Laura and Alex 30 Laura and Alex 31 Laura and Alex 32

Laura and Alex 34

Laura and Alex 33 Laura and Alex 35

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