Boudoir By Colleen | Is that me??

June 16, 2016

Today I had to most amazing Boudoir Session with this beautiful mommy!! Yes..she is a mommy!! When she came back to check out her photos at her reveal and ordering session, she said to me “is that me?”. I LOVED it! It’s amazing that we as women continue to have this misconception of ourselves and its this moment right there, when she says “is that me?” that reveals that she is absolutely beautiful just the way she is and in her own skin. And that love and respect for yourself that happens in that very instant, is exactly what brightens my day and what makes me so proud to do what I do. I love being able to empower women and help make them feel and look incredible.

More to come in the coming months, but this is the only preveiw for now:) Check out my boudoir website for more information.

Hair and Makeup: VAMP by AJ

Lingerie: Victoria’s Secret

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