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July 22, 2015

Bridal Fashion with Tiffani’s Bridal & Consignment

So thankful to have meet Tiffani from Tiffani’s Bridal & Consignment. We did a mini  bridal fashion session with Hannah and Courtney!!

Don’t they model these two dresses beautifully?!!? So, what is a bridal fashion session? Well, basically, it’s a “trash the dress” session, but I hate using the work “trash” because we should be rocking out the dress and fashionably posing in them! You only wear this beauty for one day…so why not take another afternoon, get yourself super dolled up again and looking absolutely stunning in your dress and have a stress free session in your amazing gown. And…yes, your hubby is more than welcome to put on his best suit and join you in this session so that you can have even more amazing images that you can share with friends, family and your future kids and grandkids!!

Here are some of Hannah’s images in this beautiful ball gown. Both these dresses along with SO many other beautiful and affordable options are available at Tiffani’s Bridal & Consignment.

Tiffani, the owner of the Bridal Consignment shop is a stunning woman who is ever hard-working and boy does she really know to pick out the winners. She has a large collection of beautiful wedding gowns. AND if you’ve already gotten married and aren’t planning on keeping  your dress in your attic to collect dust…well, perfect…you can always bring it down to Tiffani and put it on consignment so that another gorgeous bride to be can be thrilled with that dress too!

Bridal Fashion Blog 1

Here are peeks at Courtney’s dress. An absolutely beautiful mermaid dress. AND there are SO so so many details in this beauty. Not only that, but the earrings…check out those earrings! They are just beautiful and SO compliment the dress. Best part….the earrings come with the dress!! No need to try to match accessories with this gown when you’ve got a perfectly matched set of earrings to go with it.

Bridal Fashion Blog 2


I’m so happy that I got a chance to connect with Tiffani. She is a wonderful person and her shop in Appleton is an amazing place to start when searching for local dresses.