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October 5, 2016

Chicago Wedding Workshop Part One

So excited to share what I went through last week in Chicago. Here is part one of my workshop.
First off, the Wasio Photography Studio is beautiful!!! Too bad it’s up four flights of stairs. Although, there was an elevator, my legs and body knew that I needed the workout, so up and down I went on those stairs! The first portion of the day was great. We covered lots of things from the business side down to posing and composure. And then it was off to our first shoot. We all hopped in Lyft’s or Ubers and headed downtown. All was great till it started to pour on us, lol. But that story is for another time:)
Overall, it was a great first part of the workshop and I’m so glad to have been able to learn from my friends Yaneck and Sasha and new found friend Greg Moment. It’s just too bad Yaneck and Sasha are moving to sunny California!! But with technology, I know I can always message them!

Workshop Instructors: Wasio Photography & Greg Moment | Wedding Dress: Bridal Expo Chicago Lazaro Perez JLM Couture Gown

chicagoweddingworkshop_0117.jpg chicagoweddingworkshop_0118.jpg chicagoweddingworkshop_0119.jpg chicagoweddingworkshop_0120.jpg chicagoweddingworkshop_0121.jpg chicagoweddingworkshop_0122.jpg chicagoweddingworkshop_0123.jpg chicagoweddingworkshop_0124.jpg

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