Creative Workshops at The Draw | Weaving 101

February 1, 2017

So excited to welcome Creative Workshops at The Draw. Here is the latest from One-One Thousand, a community for makers of handmade goods to hone their skills, sell their goods and learn how to build a business!! OMG, the sound like they need to be a part of The Rising Tide Society and Tuesdays Together because I love seeing makers and creatives!!!

I was excited to crash the¬†workshop last weekend and see all the pretty stuff they have. It’s so inspiring and makes me want to go out and create stuff! I think that’s probably why I have a laundry list of things I want to do before I die. haha, I suppose it’s my very very long bucket list. Take a peek inside and go check them out!!!

One-One Thousand is on Facebook and One-One Thousand Creative Workshops


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