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January 6, 2013

Engagement Photography Milwaukee:Samantha and Nick

Engagement Photography Milwaukee

It was such a brrr-fully cold day, but Samantha and Nick were all smiles and still had a blast with us.  We didn’t know we could have this much fun in 10 degree weather!! Yikes! Get ready to see a whole lot of personality because these two were bringing on the fun and they were not letting up.

These two lovebirds met in college at Marquette. Nick even proposed to her at Joan of Arc down by campus. How sweet!!! And it’s wonderful, because they are going back to where it started for the big day, Gesu (church of) ….with the long aisle and plenty of campus sites to visit afterwards – we can’t wait!!!

It started with coats off…and quickly turned into….let’s just keep them on? LOL. The blue was beautiful and we loved getting shots with that, but we also love color, so we couldn’t resit a pop of red!

We just absolutely loved the excitement and energy from Samantha and Nick. First up….Nick. And we did not sustain any casulties during this exercise:)

Not to be outdone by Nick….Samantha totally suprised us with a little lifting of her own;) Love it when we don’t have to ask or stage anything because they are just naturally adorable! I think Samantha had some mad lifting skills!

Of course…we love water, so we just had to wander on over to the pier. Chilly as it was, we just had fun and they would cuddle and smootch to keep each other warm. Hmm…..we were not so lucky….no cuddles for us:(

Here is our special request photo. Nick absolutely loved the overhang and wanted a cool guantlet picture. So….what did we do? Exactly that! We loved how this turned out and could not be happier for the location they picked out for their engagement session.

Again, we had such a great time and loved everything about Samantha and Nick. They are so kind, considerate and fun. We know that, come September….we are going to be ready to have a ball of a time with these two and their wedding party.

Here is one last little treat for the happy couple! Enjoy!

~ Capture Life Moments