Engagement Photographer | Hannah and Adan

March 20, 2017

Boy oh boy this session was well worth the wait and reschedules!!! You can just tell. I mean…look at the stunning wintery trees!!!! Ahhh…I’m so in love with this session and had so much fun! It is truly unbelievable the garden of wintery trees that we found at Holy Hill. And the best part was that it wasn’t zero degrees either! I wish all my winter photos looked like these!! Mother nature….pretty please snow beautifully like this every time I have a winter session???? haha

I am so impressed by these two. Both of them are bilingual and it’s so cool! Adan said that was what first attracted him to her aside the fact that she’s gorgeous! I so love the bravery of marching into the snow and cold for these images. Adan even had to work for it with lifting up Hannah and giving her piggy back rides all morning. AND, I got to hop into their car as we drove from place to place vs. taking separate vehicles. Which I love…because I get more chat time with them:) Granted our rides were not very long….but still. Time is time! When I first drove into Holy Hill that morning, even though I drove south to get there, my GPS somehow had me drive further south and then enter by driving into it on the north side. Weird….but I’m so so so happy that it did it that way, because that is when the groove of trees caught my eye. It wasn’t a super popular area. In fact, there was no parking and we just had to pull over on the side of the road. But, it was so magical and worth it. After an outfit change, we went to another location in Holy Hill and it was just as beautiful! Super tall trees and a wide landscape of snow.

I honestly couldn’t be any happier with our results from this session. I know that we rescheduled a handful of times because we both (me and Hannah) really wanted those snowy wintery photos. And I’m so glad that we did keep pushing it off, because I think anything else and we would not have been satisfied! I loved meeting these two and getting to know them. “Adan…chin down…..a little bit more…there you go.” LOL. I know that I’m going to have a great time at their wedding this summer and I really can’t wait to hand out with them again.


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