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June 12, 2013

Family Photos: Benedict Family

Family Photos

We lucked out! The day before we entered the Gardens, it had been pouring rain. So, it was a nice overcast sky which helped out a lot with not having a very vibrant sun:)

I knew Craig from my Army days….I say that like it was a long time ago when in fact its really only been a couple weeks, lol. It was great to hear the story of Craig and Sarah. Two people that were constantly circling around each other but never really knew or let know…that they each were into each other. Both of them went separate ways….dated different people, even were married and engaged! Fate as you know…would not let these lovebirds part, so it drew them together in the end and they now have an adorable little Jordan and a beautiful love and family to share.

It’s never too late! You may have that special someone in your life…..but maybe you were just never ready for each other. Perhaps you just needed a little push in different directions to grow and realize that now is the time, and now is your chance to go for it. Don’t be afraid to give happiness a chance.

Little Jordan was just so stinkin adorable! He just turned one and was using those legs already to run around! And OMG…he could not get enough of playing in the water. It was tough tearing him away for more pictures with so much he could see and do.

Sarah and Craig love each other very much and their story is one I will always share because it is just way too sweet!

I’m so happy that they choose to have me photograph their family a couple weeks ago. With the help of my photography friend, Sara….we were able to make Jordan smile for a few pictures and bring a bit of entertainment to the session as well.

Thanks so much! I hope you love your images! You guys were great and I loved this location. It was new for me take the trip down to the Botanical Gardens and I’m so thrilled that I did. Enjoy!

~ Colleen