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February 7, 2017

February Instagram Giveaway for the Independent Strong Woman

Instagram Giveaway | Mini Beauty Portraits | Hair and Makeup | Fine Jewelry

This month can sometimes be filled with sadness. And that is NOT cool with me. With it being Valentine’s Day in February, often, those who are single are reminded that they don’t have a significant other, and then those who are with someone, sometimes fail to live in the moment with each other. So…..let’s just toss all that aside and take this month to celebrate the independent strong woman!! YEAH!!!

Whether you are single, married or complicated….this month, I just want to celebrate YOU. You and your awesome self because you need a little self-care and a little loving!! We women can sometimes work our tails off and take on so much that our plate is so full that we are grabbing on to anything and everything in order to just hold it all together. And for all you hard working kickass females out there, I thank you and I want to give thanks back.

This month, I want to celebrate the amazing women that go out everyday completely fearless and confident, because dang it!!! WHY NOT?!?!

So, please head over to Instagram and tell me what makes you a strong independent woman, and enter yourself to win a FABULOUS Beauty Portrait Session with professional hair and makeup and fine jewelry from Alyssa and Anna Fine Jewelry. Because if I’m going to do this for your awesome self…you BET I’m going to make you look like a rock star!


Professional Hair and Makeup: VAMP by AJ | Jewelry: Alyssa and Anna Fine Jewelry | Photography: Appleton Location, Capture Life Moments


**and apparently I can’t spell, LOL**

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