Of all the ups and downs that I've experienced in the past 7 years or running my business, I honestly wish that there had been a source of education when I started. Even though it doesn't seem all that long ago, it was scarce to find anyone willing to teach you in my beginning years. And if they were willing to teach you at all, it was cold and filled with layers of insecurity and fear of competition. 
I shed some tears and felt like the world was against me. It was not a place and time to be a creative entrepreneur and even my family and friends thought I was crazy to start this "hobby" of mine. Fast forward to present day and I've documented over 100 weddings, held a workshop for creatives, run a group that focuses on helping creative entrepreneurs succeed in the face of competition, spoken at a conference filled with industry leaders in the creative field, and so much more! 
My offerings to creatives are very intentional. With my dozen+ military leadership years, full education in finance with an MBA and my time in the corporate world, I have buckets of information ready to be unloaded.  I am fully aware that I am not the right fit for everyone and that's totally okay. In the end, more than anything, I want to see creatives succeed and launch forward in their endeavors. And if I get the privilege of helping that happen, I couldn't be more honored. Choose a session below and contact me to book a spot.

for creatives & photographers

branding sessions

For creatives that are looking to start their business or refresh their brand, these are for you. It's the perfect time for us to spend an afternoon behind the camera in your creative space and homey world. You'll get a tailored consultation on how to prepare and style your session to brand YOU and then the photos will commence. 


One on One or online mentoring sessions are by far the  most beneficial. These sessions are fully customized to cover your needs at any level. I'll cover topics from marketing (social media, blogs etc), photography essentials, finance, education & leadership and so much more! Topics are endless, please inquire to figure out how I can help you.


Learning on the day of a wedding is like taking a crash course in how I run my show in real life. You'll get an online 30 min chat on what to expect. On the day of, I'll have flash cards with "what I'm doing" so you can follow along easily. Lots of learning at the pace of a real wedding day. Think you can handle that? Message me.





Inspiring creative entrepreneurs and helping hone in on their skills and teaching new ones is something that brightens my heart. I LOVE teaching and I can't wait to share more in a small group workshop environment. This year, I'm partnering with another amazingly talented business owner and photographer. Stay tuned.

coming soon