January Instagram Giveaway Winners | Best Friends Portrait Session

February 20, 2017

I am so so very excited to share this amazing session with everyone! This year is such an exciting year for me as I truly want to give back to the amazing followers that I have and to share stories with everyone. One story that is near and dear to me is one that I don’t think I hear often enough. Everyone has a best friend at some point in their lives, and for that time, and sometimes, many times if we are lucky…we have a person. Just like Grey’s Anatomy….we have “a person”!!! That person is supposed to be there for you through thick and thin and provide that extra comfort that is a totally different kind of support than a significant other or spouse. And the thing is….I see photos ALL the time and being a photographer, there is NO shortage of beautiful images constantly bombarding my social media feeds. (and I love it) However, I came to realize that over the last 6 years of running my business…I’ve never seen anyone take time (other than the wedding day for each other, or selfies) to get some fun photos taken of just you and your BFF. I thought to myself…why not? This is your PERSON!!! Why wouldn’t you want to carve out time to document your friendship? And thus, my very first instagram giveaway was to give this Best Friends Portrait Session to two people that just have done it all together.
So, please welcome Sydnie and Becca!!! These two meet in middle school!!! Yup…quite some time ago. Having been friends since the age of 12…omigoodness, you know that was a lot. I mean, dealing with puberty???!?!? LOL. They went on to attend college at the same place and even though they thought being so close would break their friendship, it only made their bond stronger. So, it was a sad day when Becca packed up and moved across the state and separated them by many hours of driving. But hey, this distance will not stop these two from taking advantage of time together, drinking wine, catching up, and simply hanging out like no time has passed at all. They still take one trip every year together to honor their friendship. From music festivals to salmon fishing and hopefully….to crossing the pond, they WILL be exploring together. And seriously…their fur babies are even friends!!!!!

So many thank you to Alyssa with Alyssa and Anna Fine Jewelry in Oshkosh for designing and making custom matching Rutilated Quartz pendant necklaces as the new age version of your BFF necklaces. I hope that they wear those every year they take a trip together and remember why they became friends, their journey together, and their passion to fuel each others lives!

Jewelry: Alyssa and Anna Fine Jewelry


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