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June 14, 2017

June Tuesdays Together Meetup

One of my favorite times of the month is when I get a chance to get together with other creative entrepreneurs in my local area and discuss hot topics and support and teach each other in the spirit of Community Over Competition. This month, our June Tuesdays Together Appleton Chapter of the Rising Tide Society’s was hosted by Linda, the owner of Pony Playce.
Now…let me just give a shout out to this lady. Because her place is freakin awesome!!! You can schedule private family showings/riding or plan a birthday party, event, etc. It’s so much fun. And the best part is that your party is the only party that will happen at your scheduled time. You get all the attention and the Ponies get all your love. Say goodbye to birthday parties in places where you are bombarded by a hundred other children running around since the place can’t just shut down for your party. It’s the best time and experience. I’m so glad we were able to meet at this space!
Our intimate group talked about SEO and how we could help make it more search friendly for all of those trying to find us. There is so much that goes into this field, it’s no wonder there are full professions and big entities dedicated to this one topic. And with it ever changing, it’s even more important to stay in tune.
The Rising Tide Society – our parent group – launched an amazing project this very day. They created an entire community — like Facebook…sort of, haha — where creative business owners can sign up for free and use it as a means to collaborate with others in the area or worldwide. How cool is that? Plus, it has it’s own directory so that when you are traveling, you are never too far away from reaching out to some awesome creatives with your same mission in mind.
I’m so happy for all of those that are dedicated to helping themselves and their community of creatives and attending this months meeting. Check out our meeting below.

june tuesdays together
june tuesdays together
june tuesdays together

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