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February 24, 2017

Ladies Night at The Draw | February Ladies of The Draw

A night of fun and hanging out with some bomb awesome boss ladies! The last Wednesday of the month, my dear friend AJ…will host a ladies night. Most times, with a special theme or swap. Like…one time, at band camp…LOL, just kidding. But one time, at ladies night, we did a shoe swap! Of course, me being shoe crazy, I brought an entire duffel bag of shoes. HAHA!!!
Ladies night is always hosted at The Draw in Appleton, which I love!! Probably because that is where my office is housed at 😉 But honestly because it’s a place that is so welcoming to creativity and innovation. I’m always inspired by the folks that call this place home. So many talents and all amazing creative entrepreneurs too!
This past ladies night, we got to meet all the new additions to the building and learn a little about what they do. From tattoo artists to musicians to designers and more…it was wonderful. I’m so happy to be a part of an amazing community of empowered ladies that just want to empower each other and the people and places around them. Looking forward to so many more ladies nights!


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