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August 3, 2017

Milwaukee Engagement Photographer | Abby and Ryan Sneak Peek

These two have won a path straight to my heart! Not only are they the most smiley infectious people, but Ryan works for the same company that Andy did when we lived in Milwaukee…AND Abby….she works as a Dietitian for the VA!! Hearts out to all those that work in the VA and so I’m sucked in. Hook, line, and sinker….they’ve got me!
We spent the evening walking through the park and along the path that flowed down to the lakefront. It was a beautiful day!!! We could tell it was a windy day because we could hear the waves crashing upon the beach before we could even get a peek at the water. I loved that it was windy!! It made Abby’s hair fly in the most beautiful way!! Enjoy the sneak peek. More to come when their final gallery is ready.

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