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February 23, 2017

Milwaukee Wedding Videographer | Erin and Patrick

Milwaukee Wedding Videographer | Erin and Patrick

Milwaukee!!!! My turf and I miss it! Yes, I know…I live in Neenah, WI but I will always have a soft spot in my heart for Milwaukee which is probably why I’m always visiting and there so often for weddings, haha! Having lived there and enjoyed the splendors of this great city, I always get warm and fuzzies when I’m graced with the opportunity to return. 

Erin is one of those folks that I got a chance to meet during my time there. Her maid of honor, Kate, is the lady that I got to visit with my friend Ly in San Francisco a few years back!!! So, being honored to document Erin and Patricks love story was the greatest pleasure because I not only got to spend time with this lovely couple, but I got to see so many friendly faces and it just felt so right!

Big shout out to Carol and Charlie — the duo behind Artists’ Eyes Photography!!! And Carol…also Kate’s mom!! How cool is that…to have your bestie’s mom be the special someone that photographs your wedding day?!?!? It can’t get much more personal and nostalgic. 

So…a little secret, this wedding did NOT take place in Milwaukee. Well, it did and it didn’t? The day started in Milwaukee at the beautiful Iron Horse Hotel followed by their first look and then photos of them and the wedding party in the Milwaukee area. It was a beautiful fall day, which was quite surprisingly warm for a November wedding. There is usually snow or frosty weather by then!! But we got lucky and so the ceremony was moved outdoors and it was perfect. Everything else happened at the West Bend Country Club

These two meet by accident. I love these stories. Patrick was going sailing with friends and they needed an extra body. Since Erin’s brother wasn’t able to join, he recommended his sister Erin join them. Patrick was kind enough to pick her up and even pay for her to join them at a pig roast. What started as Patrick needing to fill a space and get a warm body to be included, turned into a relationship and then more. Watch their love story and their wedding day and feel the love. I’m so happy for these two and so excited to share this video. 

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