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December 17, 2015

Oshkosh Photographer | Dealer Socket Holiday Party

Last week I have the amazing opportunity to join Kristin Kane…Ms. Extraordinaire of Midwest Magpie at her company holiday party! Kristin is a blogger, beauty product hoarder and content specialist! Check out her writings on her website HERE. I was so very fortunate to be referred to Kristin by my friends at Alex and Natalie Photography for Dealer Socket’s Annual Holiday Party. Ms. Kristin coordinated the entire event and all the decoration with the exception of the berry bouquets that were provided by House of Flowers in Oshkosh.

They have the most perfect location in downtown Oshkosh. The first floor of the building is completely empty, which is great for this party because it was such a wide open space and boy did they fill it!!! There were huge windows from the streets so I’m sure people walking by were just super jealous and wanted to crash the party:)

Kristin spent the entire week putting everything together and doing the decorating, which by the way, was totally beautiful!!!

Once folks started arriving, the big boss man, Eric, stepped up and said a few encouraging words to his crew….even helped sing Christmas carols and then the party continued. What a great and fun group. I’m so happy to share a little bit of their event with everyone!

Let’s get into the holiday spirit!

holiday 1 oshkosh photographer

holiday 2 oshkosh photographer

holiday 3 oshkosh photographer holiday 4 oshkosh photographer

holiday 5 oshkosh photographer

holiday 6 oshkosh photographer

holiday 7 oshkosh photographer

holiday 8 oshkosh photographer


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