Paris 2017 Here We Come | CLM Wanderlust Series

March 8, 2017


I could not be more excited to return to this great city!!! Full of art, yummy food, and an ambiance that is to die for! I am so grateful for my two closest friends that have really made a huge impact on my life. Shaunae and Alyssa. Both bomb awesome boss ladies and so inspirational. It started as a conversation over lunch…in Chicago when we decided to take a ladies weekend together. Some few conversations later and one by one, we started booking flights and before we knew it…Paris was on our radar and we were booked and ready to fly!
It was been seven years since I last stepped foot in this city and I literally can NOT wait to be there again. I wanted to share just a handful of the photos that I took back in 2010 during my first visit with my husband. It was a celebratory vacation as I had just returned from Iraq and really wanted to just relax and give in to the wanderlust in me before I had to settle back and go to work. This was also…my very first digital SLR camera ever!! I bought my digital camera just before we went on this trip. And being that it had been years since I’d worked with an SLR camera (like…high school film days), I thought I was a hotshot and took all my photos in manual mode…using the worse settings ever! But hey, the photos still turned out “okay” for the most part, haha. Leave it to me to NOT hit the easy button, haha. This time around…I’ll have a much clearer understanding and can’t wait to wander this great city of Paris with my two dear friends. Wheels up in May!!!!

paris wedding photographer_0188.jpg
paris wedding photographer_0187.jpg

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