Sweet Texas Couple in Wisconsin Cold

February 6, 2018

It was freezing out during this session….freezing!!! Okay…it was 32 degrees but still, for a Texas warm-blooded gal like Taylor, it was just too cold. Can I just say how absolutely honored I was that she picked me to document her portraits and that of her husbands family? It was funny…I was just doing my thing and then I suddenly got a message from another photographer from Texas, asking if I offered or would be willing to do family portraits way down in Mineral Point. (don’t laugh) Just shy of “do you accept credit card payment”, I thought it was a joke at first. Like…for real? This amazing photographer from Texas is messaging me to take her photos when there is a sea of photographers in Madison and Milwaukee to choose from? But no worries, it was not a scam email and Taylor was the absolute sweetest!
So, I booked the session with Taylor and come that morning, I took the 2.5-hour drive down there and meet with them at a family home. From there, adventure! I hopped into their truck and we took a steep and rocky drive down this kinda dangerous path…but only to open up to a beautiful location. And thank goodness it was freezing out because all the muddies were frozen so I didn’t feel too gross stepping on them, haha. We took turns hopping in and out of vehicles staying warm throughout the entire shoot. AND…to everyone’s surprise, there was even a proposal that happened too! Like…for real? How cool was that? HAHA.
I thoroughly enjoyed heading down there and spending time with Taylor, her husband, and his family. It also gave me time to finish up my audiobook too!

If you find yourself in Texas, look this girl up. She is so sweet, talented, and has the most beautiful heart.


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