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April 24, 2017

The Blue Wedding Dress

When I first saw this blue wedding dress I knew that I just had to have it. Why?!?! For absolutely no reason other than it was blue and beautiful and I wanted it, haha. So, the adventure began and I got this beauty within the last few months. For the longest time now, I used to watch shows and look at magazines and awww over all the beautiful outfits, dresses, and styles. I’m not a super fashionista by any means but I do love a well put together outfit and a stylish dress that can also be seen as timeless and elegant. So, when I get the opportunity to find some pieces that I can add to my collection that truly represents the styles and brands that I love…I go for it and I get them!!

So…..If you stop by the office in Appleton for a consult, to pick up your images, or for your reveal session….you’ll see this gorgeous gown decorating the space!

Hair Styling and Makeup: VAMP by AJ


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