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April 12, 2017

Tuesdays Together April

Another month and another Tuesdays Together meeting has passed! Gosh, I feel like this year is already zooming by and I’m not ready!! This month was really great, because we got to sit and chat about different personality types. It’s amazing all the different types that are out there and when we actually acknowledge what we are and how we view and see things, it truly changes our perspective and opens us up to accepting and understanding persons of a different personality trait.

Tuesdays Together is a part of The Rising Tide Society, where creative entrepreneurs get together monthly to talk on industry topics in the spirit of Community Over Competition.

We took the evening and spent it at Tiffani’s Bridal and Consignment in Appleton. Surrounded by beautiful dresses, good company, and wine…we had a long open conversation where I think…our Introverts actually talked more than our Extroverts. That was pretty amazing. As an extrovert myself, I try very hard to make sure that I’m scaling back my crazy when I’m in a room full of introverts. Heck, even my husband is an introvert, so I really have to watch it with him, haha.
Even if you know or thing you know your personality, it’s worth a shot to go take the test and just read a little bit about yourself. And then, have your spouse or significant other do the same. You may be enlightened by the results. And…depending on your mood; your results could change. It’s happened to me once before and has happened to other members in the group as well. So, hop on over and rate yourself and see where you stand. It’s super fun!!

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