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March 17, 2017

Tuesdays Together March

One of my favorite times of the month this Tuesday!!! Tuesdays Together, where I get to spend time with other creative entrepreneurs in our local industry to discuss an overarching topic. And as we draw closer to the taxes deadline…why not talk about finances? This month was all about getting your ducks in a row and finding financial freedom. As a small business owner, it’s challenging to serve yourself. You spend so much time doing things for others and putting everything you have back into your business that often times, you forget to pay yourself. The Rising Tide Society put together an enormous guide that is free to all those in Tuesdays Together and it was jam-packed with lots of great information for our members. I am so happy that so many folks contributed to the content, as I feel it’s much needed in this industry. Big thank you to Lions Tail Brewing Co. for allowing us to crash their place for a couple hours!
AND — they have the coolest thing ever….their BEER IT FORWARD board. What happens is that folks will pre-pay for a beer for a friend or whoever. When that person enters the establishment, they can search for their posted name and collect a drink. And if you see your friends name on there, most people just send a photo of that to the friend so that they know they’ve got a beer waiting for them 😉 How cool is that?!
Overall, I’m just thrilled with the folks in this group and can’t wait to see many more months of meetings ahead.

The Rising Tide Society


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