Wedding Photography Workshop Week

September 27, 2016

Only one more day away and I will be headed to Chicago to attend a Wedding Photography workshop being held by two amazing photographers, Yaneck of Wasio Photography and Greg Moment!!! I had the absolute privilege of working with Yaneck a few years ago as a second photographer for a small ceremony in Chicago.

So to give you a little history.

THIS is the wedding I fell in love with which got me “in the know” about my friend Yaneck

THIS is the tiny wedding I helped him with

Keep in mind, these are weddings from like….four years ago!!! Maybe five…lol I can’t remember. Since then, I’ve followed and watched Yaneck become even more of a superstar and was more than excited when I heard he was co-hosting a workshop right in his studio in Chicago. More than anything, I’m just excited to have a hands on learning experience with no time constraints and a group of other photographers around me that share their same passion for weddings, learning, and good company! As the workshop starts and ends, I will be blogging some of the cool stuff happening. Stay tuned.


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