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Woodsy Engagement Session

January 9, 2020

“Hike the entire Ice Age Trail”

That is one of their goals. How freakin awesome is that?!?!? So naturally, for their engagement session, we absolutely had to pick a spot on the ice age trail. A spot they’ve never been to before so that they could knock out two things at once. Getting some killer engagement photos plus knocking off a portion of their trail.

I just loved these two. Allison and Chris were so chill and easy to work with. I loved being a part of Allison’s outfit selections. She sent me all the options and I absolutely love the dress she ended up with. It’s perfect and not to mention…in my favorite color family;)

The deal breaker was “as long as I didn’t push them off a cliff or into the lake…I would be okay to have at the wedding, lol”. Luckily…they went in by choice. (kidding!) No one went off a cliff or into the lake, but it would have been pretty funny.

My favorite thing about these two is their sense of adventure. When things do sideways in life, they don’t dwell on it, but instead, they own it and make it into an adventure. No matter what seemingly mundane things they do, they both always go with the flow and are ready to adapt and adventure into the unknown. <– my favorite kind of people right here!!!

Allison and Chris – gosh…I’m so so looking forward to your wedding day.


Hair and makeup: Amanda Wisth


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