50,000 miles later | 3 life lessons you absolutely need to know

December 30, 2017

50,000 miles later…here’s 3 things in life that you absolutely need to know right now.

This past year took me to amazing places in life and in faraway destinations. San Francisco, France, London, Chicago, Las Vegas, and Norway along with so many local and semi-local places I love! Of all the miles I put on, I didn’t really need to go the distance to know what I needed to know right now.

I spent so much of this year hustling so hard and doing new things and trying new things and failing at just about everything you can think of. And after all of this trial and error stuff….I just decided it was enough.  Things that made me enjoy what I did and how I lived mattered most. And when I truly let go, my life started to make so much more sense!! And it allowed me to swing the doors open to endless possibilities. Which brings me to my first need to know item.

No one is taking tabs on you.

For what seems like an eternity, I used to get all bent out of shape if I didn’t post or share something uniquely interesting about my work or life on a daily basis. And I would hold myself super accountable for doing so. After a while, it just felt pushed and I could see it draining me to do so. And then it hit me, no one cares, lol!!! As in…no one is taking tabs on me. There isn’t a magical creature out there that is counting all the content I put out there and rating it and giving me a grade. So why was I killing myself over this? I see way too many people in all industries, whether it’s in the creative field or in the corporate world; people working tirelessly for something incredibly insignificant in the end. And all because we “think” that is what we are supposed to be doing. So let’s say screw that…toss it out the window and start fresh in 2018 making intentional choices and living courageously.

Don’t take life too seriously.

This is still a lesson I keep learning and need to be constantly reminded of. But really, just stop it. Stop taking everything so seriously!! You’ll drive yourself mad or crazy or both! haha. There are so many beautiful things in life that are happening all around us. And sometimes we get so lost in taking things so seriously that we forget to “stop and smell the roses”. We forget about friends…we forget about family…we forget about things we enjoy and love…and we lose ourselves. Life really is too short to lose your focus on things that don’t really matter. Take the fun route, try something different, dare to be different…vulnerable…alive!

It’s okay to fail…in the right direction.

I’ll be honest…failure seems to be the “buzz” word lately. But I would caution that are wrong ways and right ways to fail. Seems like that doesn’t make any sense at all eh? Let’s talk failure. Failing an exam because you didn’t study and went drinking the night before…is failing in the wrong direction. Failing because you were irresponsible and the outcome was unfavorable….wrong again. Failing to show up….body, mind, and soul…wrong. (crap attitude etc)

BUT, on a happy note of failure; Failure as a result of trying something new…failure as a result of moving forward…failure as a stepping stone to success…failure because you dared to defy the norm….hells yes! Those are all the right ways to fail. And…not to be all sad face emojis…I will say, even your failed failures can be saved if you can truly learn and grow from them. So failure…in the right direction is absolutely wonderful and you should not be afraid to fail.

So, in 2018, I challenge you to live courageously,  be vulnerable, fail often, and show up.

Happy 2017 everyone. What an absolutely amazing year filled with so many precious memories. Have a safe and happy new year!

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