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Wanderlust, Wedding

June 20, 2017

Destination Wedding Photographer | Inception in Paris

The story of this dress is still to come. But until then, I want to share how I met Elizabeth and how this came to be. In the days leading up to my travels, I was running low on leads on who I would be able to photograph in the city of love. Well, I get this message from my friend Emily of Emily Megan Photography and find out that her sister will be overlapping in travel during my time in Paris!! How amazing is that?! I was so very excited that I immediately messaged Elizabeth and started coordinating when we would be able to link up.
On the very early morning, we connected through WhatsApp and scheduled our time for meeting. I didn’t realize she’d be early and have guests, haha. It was Elizabeth and her husband along with two traveling friends that were joining them. They were planning on going right from photos to site seeing. This way, they could make the most out of their two days in Paris. I know…two days only — it’s not really that bad — because they were going to all sorts of fun places, so I was super jealous of all their traveling, haha. So, I felt super lucky that I was able to sneak a wee bit of time with her before her adventuring. We went over to the Inception Bridge (totally not called that, but I call it that because that’s the bridge that is shown in the movie Inception, haha) and held our session. The only company we had on the bridge were some hoodlums that were bumming around, haha. Otherwise, it was a fantastic morning and session. I’m so glad we were able to find time to get together. It’s amazing that for two people from Wisconsin — we happened to meet for the first time in another country!

Wedding Gown: VENE AI Studios | Hair and Makeup: Quirky Fox

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