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February 27, 2018

creative workshop

Educating and mentorship is something deeply rooted in me. Why? Because my entire life…I’ve searched for a mentor, a leader, a person that was just as strong-willed or more that I could relate to. This person would be someone that pushes me to be better, do better, make me a better person. Someone to push me in my career. My husband is my best friend and biggest supporter but I wanted someone outside that perspective to give me that honest candor and hard truths about life and career goals. No one was there. Not a single person that had the kind of history or path that I had. And it was frustrating.

Being a mentee without a mentor for my almost 35 years is rough. Because I had to find the courage within my self to drive forward, inspire from within, and carve my entirely new path because I didn’t have and couldn’t find anyone similar that I could look up to for inspiration. I mean…sure…there’s Oprah and Michelle Obama but I highly doubt they’d be up for taking me on as a mentee ya know. LOL>

So this workshop is a means to help others. To help those on a new career path. To help lead the way and make it through. It’s tough running a business and as a creative entrepreneur, it’s going it alone most days. But it doesn’t have to be such a painstaking process either. Let us help you. Let us be that guidance that I wish I had available to me when I started. Because why wouldn’t we want to educate and truly help other business owners so that they can accelerate and grow with such speed that the entire world gets whiplash. Let’s do this!

If you are or know a creative entrepreneur just in the early years of their business, this workshop is for them. Held in the west side of Milwaukee on Saturday, March 24th, 2018. Join us today.

Registration starts HERE. Or for one on one mentoring (in person or online) you can find more information on my Creatives Page

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