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March 28, 2017

February Instagram Giveaway Winner | Strong Independent Woman

THANK YOU to Alyssa and Anna Fine Jewelry and VAMP by AJ Artistry for being a part of this wonderful giveawayl!

In February, people often get all caught up in Valentine’s Day. If they are single especially, they feel it the most. February’s giveaway was to celebrate that we as women can be strong and independent all on our own and that it’s okay. We don’t need to get caught up in the hoopla and hype of that hallmark holiday. Sure it can be fun for the non singles, but it can also be a sense of celebration for those who are going it alone at the moment too.
Our winner this month is Choua. This girl is breaking it down and doing it right. She’s about to graduate college this year and be one of the first women in her family to do so. Being a first generation child, it’s important that her and her sister’s really take all the advantage they can and get their education. They want to do more because it’s what they are capable of. Her mother is her inspiration and it’s so wonderful because I can totally resonate with her on that. She is doing lots this year…it’s also a time for her to marry the one she loves. How cool is that? This lady is a rock…all on her own, and that’s why she is a strong independent woman. I’m so excited to share these images from our mini session!

Pearl Necklace: Alyssa and Anna Fine Jewelry | Styling and Makeup by: VAMP by AJ

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