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January 27, 2016

Neenah Wedding Photographer | Ben and Mandy

Neenah Wedding Photographer | Ben and Mandy

I was ecstatic when Ben contacted me about photographing his wedding. I first met Ben in the Oshkosh Photography Group years ago and I never expected that with such a plethora of photographic friends, that he would choose me. When I sat down and met Mandy for the first time…OMG she was such a sweetie and the kindest soul! She was so excited to meet me and she knew that having beautiful photos of her wedding day was super important to her. I knew right away that she had truly found a partner for life the way her and Ben were with each other and how happy they were. It was almost like they were the an elderly couple that had been married for 80 years, it was the best!

Mandy and Ben work at the Library in Ripon. It was on Mandy’s first day of work when she was trying to enter the library through the very locked front doors, when Ben came up to the “new girl” and helped show her the way. It took a little bit, but eventually they began to date and then….become engaged, and married!!! I loved that Mandy made so many details. The seating chart was ahhhhdorable!! I loved that she really made it personal and incorporated the librarian in her. And Ben even had a hand in the hand making too. He hand made the necklace that Mandy wore and the one for her sister, the maid of honor:)

These two are awesome and the wedding was wonderful. Enjoy a peek into their big day.

Ben and Mandy 1

Ben and Mandy 2

Ben and Mandy 3

Ben and Mandy 4

Ben and Mandy 5

Ben and Mandy 6

Ben and Mandy 7

Ben and Mandy 8

Ben and Mandy 9

Ben and Mandy 10

Ben and Mandy 11

Ben and Mandy 12

Ben and Mandy 13

Ben and Mandy 14

Ben and Mandy 15

Ben and Mandy 16

Ben and Mandy 17

Ben and Mandy 18

Ben and Mandy 19

Ben and Mandy 20

Ben and Mandy 21

Ben and Mandy 22

Ben and Mandy 23

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