Officially Introducing Creative Sessions

February 1, 2018

Officially Introducing Creative Sessions

For years I’ve been asked on and off if I offer mentor sessions and I’ve always said no. Not because I don’t love teaching, because I almost became a teacher!! But, because I just didn’t think anyone would want to learn from me. That coupled with my early years of bad role models…I just never thought of it.

So even though I was saying I don’t offer mentor sessions, I still found myself mentoring several photographers throughout the years unknowingly. We would do trade for services or for a fee, they would come on tagalong session. Then last year, I figured that it was about time I stepped out of my shell and put it out there. And guess what? I partnered with two amazing creatives and we put together one awesome workshop for creative entrepreneurs. You can check out our awesome video HERE.

This year, I am proud to say that I am officially offering branding and mentor sessions along with tag-a-long sessions. I am so pleased to share my wealth of knowledge that I’ve gained over the years with so many folks. From creative business to leadership to photography to marketing and more…let’s get this show on the road!

Sessions are very limited so I take them seriously. I want creatives to get as much out of this as possible and if I don’t think I can teach the value that is needed for any particular person; then I will happily help you find the perfect mentor for them. I realize I may not be fit for everyone and that’s totally okay. But I know that everyone needs a little help here and there and I’m game to help and if not, I will make time to help find someone who will serve their needs.

Find out more information on my new website addition and shoot me a note on how I can best serve you.

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