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April 12, 2016

The Rising Tide Society and Tuesday’s Together

I have been a part of this amazing group for almost a year now…since it’s inception! So, it’s about high time I shared this amazing group of creative professionals.

What is The Rising Tide Society? In a nutshell, it is a worldwide organization founded by two talented and amazing photographers, Natalie Frank and Krista Jones. Find their work here for Natalie and Krista.

Rising Tide is the parent…so to speak and they started  Tuesday’s Together, the in-person monthly meetups, to foster relationships and support from other like minded creative entrepreneurs. It’s a group of folks to learn from each other, grow and connect in the spirit of

Community Over Competition

Since joining this group, I’ve met so many wonderful people and made lasting friendships. Not only have I been able to gain support and advice from fellow business owners, I’ve also been able to lend a hand to others as well. The other day, in the Rising Tide Facebook Group, Natalie Harris, owner of Damsel White Label (OMG, she makse some jaw dropping custom wedding dresses!!) posted

What did your high school professional intelligence quiz say you should do? What do you actually do?

And it was funny to think of this because I remember taking that quiz and finding out that I was best suited to be a teacher!! I have always wanted to teach and still do. One of my aspirations is to eventually begin taking on other photographers to teach and educate them on the things I’ve learned in my business and hope to pass on my knowledge. This is why I’m so excited about Tuesday’s Together and The Rising Tide Society. It has allowed me to help educate others and I am hooked…I want more!

Every time we meet up, I learn more and I give as much as I can in efforts to help out those around me. Tonight is no different in our Tuesday’s Together meetup in Downtown Neenah. I can’t wait to share what we speak about later on the blog this week! Keep up to see what’s happening.

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