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February 15, 2017

Tuesdays Together February

Another month and another wonderful Tuesdays Together meeting for our folks in the Appleton area!!! We were so lucky to have been hosted at Anagen 11, a super cool and amazing salon where the owners value the same feeling of Community over Competition and educating through creatives by creatives!! I mean, come on!?!?!? We can’t get much more on the same page as that. Not to mention the super cool building that is unique to the salon and such an open and inviting space for anyone.
Because our meeting this month fell on Valentine’s Day, I made up some little Valentine’s for all my RSVP’d members. My son is in daycare and with him having to bring in Valentine’s for his classmates, it was a no-brainer to just pick up a couple extra boxes and get all old school!! And of course, caffeine and treats!!! This was also the first ever…morning meet up!! Being deathly afraid that my members would show up as zombies or not at all, I headed over to my friends at Tempest Coffee Collective and got us some caffeine for the morning and then Valentine’s Day cookies from Manderfields Bakery.
After a brief intro of The Rising Tide Society and Anlagen 11, we got to spend some time talking about e-mail marketing and how it can be used in our own creative businesses. We had a big discussion on the topic with multiple folks that had had experience first hand with these programs that are out there for so many of us to try and use. It’s amazing the resources that we have within each other and the advice and education we can get from a simple conversation. Sometimes it is so hard to take a chance and try something new, or even to take that plunge and purchase a new platform of which to run a portion of your business. And that risk that we take, we don’t take lightly. So its refreshing to meet with folks in person that may have had those same reservations and make the leap and can provide the much-needed feedback that our members want to learn about.
Overall, I loved the space we were able to meet in and loved our topic of discussion. We have an amazing group of creative entrepreneurs in our little community here in the Appleton area and I want to see it continue to grow. A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats – JFK Ain’t that the truth!!


AND…I was able to get it set into my day to take a drive up to the Green Bay meet up!!! Loved meeting at my friend Shaunae and her mothers shop. Dwell & Grace – such an amazing place and somewhere that me and Alyssa have found some furnishings for our office too! We sipped mimosas and enjoyed the chocolate covered strawberries as the conversation flowed. In that time, the weather was calm, and then turned into a blizzard and then miraculously calm once again with clear skies. How insane is that?! Tuesdays Together is one of my favorite days of the month and I think it will continue to be. I am more and more excited every time I get an opportunities to be around creatives and makes my job so much easier as a leader, knowing that at some point, I’ll be helping facilitate the community of creatives find education and growth.


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