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May 31, 2017

Wanderlust | Paris – The Adventure Continues

Paris – The Adventure Continues
It’s hard to imagine that we got so much completed in just one day when we first landed in Paris. On day two and three – we decided to fill it with even more fun stuff. That first morning was a tough one for me. Not only was jet lag and my typical insane sleeping schedule keeping me from going to bed at a decent hour, I had to be up before 6am so that way I could meet Kailee. Bright and early, we were up and about and Alyssa was so kind to do Kailee’s makeup for me before we popped her into a beautiful wedding gown from VENE AI Studio and off to the Eiffel Tower and The Louvre for a photo session. Although it was a cloudy morning, I was super thrilled with it all.
Once I got back to our AirBNB, the girls had woken and were still getting set for the day. And what was it we were going to do? Versailles!!! So, we hurried on up and got ourselves together and hoped down the street to L’Absinthe Cafe and enjoyed ourselves a traditional French continental breakfast. Orange juice, espresso, croissants, and baguettes! It was the perfect start to our morning before we hailed ourselves a ride over to Versailles. We just so happened to stop in on a day when they had the Gardens open to the public as there were lots of school field trips there visiting that day. So, it was a win win. While Shaunae and Bree toured the palace, myself and Alyssa enjoyed the warmth of the outdoors and strolled along the gardens. It was a perfect day for this and everything was so beautiful that we found ourselves just sitting and enjoying the view at times.
After the palace, we decided to hop on downtown and hit up a local crepiere, La Place.This was seriously such a cute little joint. And we had meal and dessert type crepes! It was truly an authentic creperie, unlike what we make here in the US. Super yummy and stuffed with tons of yummy items! Before we headed back to Paris, we hit up their “Target” of the area, a local Monoprix, and picked up some essentials along with some gifts to take home. The ride back was a little long and as it had become super common, most of us fell asleep in the car, haha. That was our time for our little cat naps so that we could be refreshed to go go go. LOL.
When we returned, it looked like the rain was starting to set in. We attempted to hit up the shopping district of the local Parisian designers but we got totally rained out! What a bummer! But we overcame the rain, and found the yummiest Italian restaurant!!! Luckily – because the rain set us on a journey to eat dinner a bit earlier, we were able to get in without a reservation (not recommended) because we arrived before their booked night was about to begin. The place we hit up was called Salento. If you go to Paris, you MUST make a reservation here. The food was SO good!!! You can even see my review on Yelp.
We finished our evening and headed back to get some rest and just enjoy everything we had done that day.

Day Three came rolling SO quickly! My oh my did it come fast. So…the one reason that made this entire trip possible was that Alyssa had shown interest in attending a couple workshops held in Paris. When she brought this up, we just immediately jumped to traveling. Which was funny, because we didn’t intend to do traveling together until 2018, haha. Boy that totally changed!! But for the better. Because Paris is just amazing! This was the day of the workshops for her and thus, Alyssa and I hoped on the Metro early in the morning and rode it down 5 stops to the district where her class was being held. The Bourse, aka the Business District! OMG, I was loving it!! The finance/business girl in me was all giddy as I walked by all their business buildings and wondered — wow — if I stayed in the industry, I could be working here everyday if I moved to Paris!! haha…it was beautiful and you could see the hustle and bustle of business folks going about their day. It was no wonder, it was so easy for me to become immersed in this area of town and how comfortable it was for me to explore this district by myself after Alyssa went to her workshop that morning. I decided to continue exploring and to stop into the Palais-Royal and check out the spot that I had chosen for my photo session later that evening. This was one of the few places that I missed the last time I was in Paris and so, I was thrilled to see it this time around and to photograph here. It was fairly empty as it was still pretty early in the morning. I had stopped on my way there for a cup of coffee, which I actually dropped into one of the smaller fountains (opps) when I was busy taking photos and the wind kicked it over. LOL.


Back to the AirBNB and Shaunae and Bree were awake and ready to roll. After figuring out what we wanted to accomplish that day, we decided to check out Notre Dame before meeting up with Alyssa for lunch. It was just a quick Metro ride over – we were so lucky to have a metro stop just on the corner of where we were staying, it was super convenient!! Notre Dame was great and while I enjoyed the company of the tourists all around, I took a few images and enjoyed the sun. It was such a super quick place because they got everything in and out in such a quick time. Shaunae even had time to listen to the choir singing and light a candle while she was in there too! Then we headed back to the business district and found a great place for lunch. Royal Vendome was just across the street from her workshop and had amazing reviews so it was a no-brainer to go there for lunch. Lunch was wonderful and light so we also hit up a cute little shop, for espresso and pastries. After lunch and treats, Alyssa went back to class and we went shopping. And since it wasn’t going to rain us out, it was perfect. I got to explore the city streets and photograph some of the beautiful buildings. And before I knew it – we were nearly to our AirBNB and just walked back and enjoyed some time before meeting back up with Alyssa. I had a session that evening so we split off and I hit up Palais Royal a second time that day for photos and then The Louvre for the rest. Which — I totally got yelled at because I was not supposed to be where I was. Opps. Having a lot of those lately, haha.
I finished quickly and made my way to Sushi Gan to meet the girls for some dinner. Wow — I think I’ll leave us here for now. SO much more to talk about and share. Stay tuned for more from my Paris Adventure!!!


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