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May 9, 2017

Wedding Films Worth Binging On

As we creep into wedding season — I’ve got weddings on my mind…like all the time!! And seeing as I often spend time on my computer working on business, whether its emails or editing or marketing…I always need something playing to keep me company. And now’s the time when all the lovely dovey stuff comes out to play! So today I wanted to share some of my favorite wedding movies, old and new. All those romantic comedies….oh yes…I’m a sucker for those! Even though you TOTALLY know exactly what’s going to happen because nothing is original and everything is the same story line over and over again and completely predictable….I don’t care!! I’m watching it anyways…because the sap in me still loves them, haha. 

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

This is probably one of the first wedding films that I really loved. Mostly because I was just out of high school and had just started my military journey and I’d never really gotten into the wedding scene. I found this movie so entertaining and hilarious. It made me want to be greek!!!

27 Dresses

HAHA!!! Really…I feel like every girl has or has a friend that has been in a wedding where they had to wear an awful bridesmaid dress. Let’s not lie to ourselves, we’ve seem some really ehhh…bridesmaid dresses in our time and have had to just suck it up and wear them anyways. I will admit though, I really want a themed wedding. Like a really crazy theme and not one that is just meh…but one that is totally pulled off amazing. I would rock a themed bridesmaid dress for that!

The Proposal

Because seriously?!?!!??!!!???? Sandra Bullock was 45 when she filmed this movie. And she played a character that was 37. Umm…she KILLED it! I want a rockin body like hers when I’m 45. Oh…and let’s not forget she plays a commanding boss lady in the movie. And Ryan Reynolds? haha…he’s a cutie…and I loved him in Deadpool. I know that’s not a wedding movie but come on now, that is still a super cute movie. (in a not really super hero kinda dark and twisty but funny way)

Bride Wars

Not only because I love Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson, but because this movie is SO REAL LIFE! I don’t know how many women that I meet that start planning their weddings and then all they can think about is why or how so and so is planning their wedding, lol. And although it can turn into big time rivals, most times, its just playful fun and banter between friends, cousins, and even parents. 

The Office: Niagara Part 1&2

I understand that this is not a movie but it’s one of my favorite television wedding scenes/episodes ever. I cry every time I watch it and will even replay it a couple times too, haha. I think it’s more because I fell in love with these two characters throughout the entire series, so when it came to the wedding, it was absolutely perfect. 

So there you have…my favorite wedding films that I love to binge on!!! So, if you haven’t seen one, go out and rent one or all of these and watch away!

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