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August 11, 2015

They say “how can I love someone this much?!” and now I know. I used to…and still do think that way about my husband, but now…I have another man in my life that I love even more!!!
I really didn’t think I could love someone this much. I mean…seriously, I knew I was capable of super-duper strong love, but wow, I love my lil guy more than anything imaginable!

It was quite funny how he came into this world. On July 11th, I was just out working…as I would typically be on a Saturday. It was a hot and humid day, but I spent the evening with Danielle and Greg for their engagement session. (super awesome couple, and cannot wait for October!!). We finished up in Downtown Green Bay around 7:30pm. Being very pregnant, I was also very hungry by this time and knew I had to get myself something to eat. I called my sister Mina and asked if she’d kindly meet me for dinner. So, we settled on late night Olive Garden, yummy!!

Well…it was at Olive Garden as we were getting ready to depart…that my water broke! OMG, right?! And in a public place….oh my!! We ran out the door so fast, all I remember was grabbing my bag and an olive garden napkin (you know…those nice cloth ones, haha) and rushing out. In my head, I was thinking I would need that napkin to clean myself up as I continued to leak. Yikes!!! (sorry OG…you are not getting that back and probably don’t want it back, lol) And off to the hospital we go!! Mind you…at this point, it was exactly 2 weeks till my due date, so little Stanley was not expected quite that soon.

After calling my husband and doctor, we arrived at Appleton Medical Center (AMC). It was a long night and morning. But around 8am on Sunday the 12th of July, I called Shaunae, my friend and photographer, to let her know it was getting close to that time!! And then…it happened. At 2:10pm on Sunday afternoon, my baby boy arrived in this world and I became the happiest mommy ever!!!

Words cannot describe how overjoyed I am and how amazed I am each time I look at my baby boy. And I am so grateful to have such wonderful family and friends that support my husband and I the whole way.

And lastly…’s two more images of my lil guy!! I’m so fortunate that in my friend Sara was able to provide newborn photography services for me. I can’t imagine attempting to do this on my own, while trying to heal and recover from childbirth! So many thanks!!


Photography provided by Sara Nelson of Sara K Photography.



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