I didn’t grow up with photos or the luxury of a camera. Hence, memories...actual memories that I made were my only way to remember my childhood. Memories that my family and I reminisce over during tough times and good times alike. Recounting those memories helps them stay alive. But in today's world, we are so lucky to have the ability to document through photos. BUT, I don’t want your wedding photographs to be the only memory that you have of your day; rather I want your photographs to serve as a reminder of the memories you are making on your wedding day..

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Meet Natalie and Caley. Two amazing photographers and with the entire team, we’ve got a combined 30+ years of wedding photography experience. And over 500 weddings under our belts! Dig that! Both Natalie and Caley have educations in photography and fine art and are absolutely amazing people.

Fear not, we've worked together plenty and I'm always training and working with my team to ensure that they are providing you with top class Colleen Bies Photography experience when it comes to your engagement and wedding photos.
Everyone on the team is a mom and wife. So we know first hand the amazingness that is you finding your life partner. We are living proof and absolutely love what we do.

Bold images showcasing your love and your authentic selves are our specialty. Our team uses a candid approach to your wedding photography so that you get real moments filled with love, emotion, laughter, and joy. Honor those precious moments through timeless heirloom albums to share your love story with generations to come. Be ready to relive your day over and over again. Easy and done for you style of timeline planning and non posing posing. Let us document your perfect day.

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over the years, I've found myself saying "I'm sorry I'm not available" far too many times or "we love your work colleen but your are just a bit outside our budget".
my heart saddens but now, I've got the perfect solution to you still getting #allthethings

of colleen bies photography

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true moments, real love, authentically you

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the real magic is in the moments

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