Neenah Wedding Photographer

January 2, 2019

Neenah Wedding Photographer

It’s January 2019 as I’m writing this. I have officially been photographing weddings for nine years now. It feels like so long ago when I picked up my camera and began my journey in 2010.

To date, I’ve photographed 167 weddings. (168 if you include my younger sister’s elopement I photographed with a point and shoot in 2009, lol). I had just moved to Neenah when I began my journey as a wedding photographer in 2010. Not feeling fully satisfied in my corporate job, it became a blessing in disguise to have been sent overseas for the military. Now I know what you are thinking, “blessing”?!? So I’m exaggerating a little. But ultimately, packing up my things and heading to a war zone was the reality check that I needed. After my return, I knew that I had to make a change.

Within a week of returning from my deployment; I picked up my first digital SLR camera. AKA fancy term for those big loud professional looking cameras.

My first camera wasn’t a professional level camera but it did the job. I started off taking photos of anyone and everyone that would let me. I even took it with me to Europe where I still have on my walls, one of my favorite photos from the trip of the Eiffel Tower.

Not long into my journey, I befriended a couple photographers that really helped me on my path. Lisa Ann and Charles Bosen. Both of whom had been photographing weddings for over 20 years. Having nearly zero knowledge of the wedding industry, I was incredibly thankful for their generosity of knowledge and time to take me under their wings. After taking part in the first couple weddings in 2010, I successfully photographed  9 weddings in 2011 and became fully addicted.

Why Neenah?

I grew up in Oshkosh. Lived there all my growing life and even went back for my MBA at the university there. I could have very well have been an Oshkosh Wedding Photographer. Well…I do actually still consider myself an Oshkosh Wedding Photographer because my whole family is still there and I’m deeply rooted to that community. However, when my husband and I moved to Neenah, it was because it was the middle ground between Oshkosh and Appleton. Plus it was just far enough away from my parents while still being very close. LOL.

Neenah has been a wonderful town. Amazing neighbors, lovely downtown with an amazing coffee shop that I like to frequent for lattes, tea, and their yummy quiche. I’ve been fortunate enough to help photograph events for Downtown Neenah businesses and have loved getting to know people in this city. I have a heart for travel, but Neenah is my home.

Why Photography?

When I was in high school, I was absolutely obsessed with photography. I imagine it was because we couldn’t afford a camera and didn’t take any photos as a child. I craved more photography time and always checked out the school camera when I could. (film camera)

I loved spending time in the darkroom and even got cocky with how well I could open undeveloped film in the pitch black dark room and perfectly align it on the film reel for preparation to be developed. I even tested and experimented with different dodging and burning techniques using my hands, sheets of paper, and cut outs. (basically, I waved my hands and paper under the light like a fool when I was exposing the photo paper to the film negative.) Some of those actually turned out neat. (for a teenager wth no vision that is)

Knowing how much I loved photography, I dreamed of doing it as a career.

But reality hit.

My family had zero money. My grades were slightly above average. Nothing to brag about. No honor roll, no chance of scholarships. I was on a path of working in a factory and following in my parents footsteps. When my father showed me that reality, I just couldn’t face it. I reactively joined the military two days later and decided to make a change. The military didn’t quite quench my thirst for life as an entrepreneur and photographer. Seeing as I didn’t know that at the time, I just continued going through the motions and searching.

Thankfully, I found my foothold during my deployment to Iraq in 2009 and I’ve not looked back since. I love being a wedding photographer and love that I get this honor and freedom to choose this path for myself. Part of my love is being my own boss. That entrepreneur spirit is so strong in me…you’ll have to stay tuned for some new fun stuff upcoming in 2019. Shh….I won’t tell just yet.

So here we are. A new year, and a new breath of excitement as we progress. Please enjoy this portfolio video consisting of my more recent work over these past years.


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