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My Top Travel and Honeymoon Destinations

December 31, 2018

My Top Travel/Honeymoon Destinations

Last year, my husband and I packed our bags, called a 2 week long sitter (thanks sis!) and flew out to Norway. If you don’t already know how much I love this country, just know…that I flippin’ LOVE Norway. We had visited in 2013 and then again last year and I’m counting down the days I will get to visit again.

So, because I love traveling, I’m sharing some top Travel and Honeymoon Destinations — if I were to do it all over again that is. These are my top places I would go. This is totally geared for an adventurous couple!!


I really couldn’t leave Alaska off my list because seriously….Alaska is exactly where my husband and I honeymooned! We took an Alaskan Cruise and it was so refreshing. Having been on cruises before, I really enjoyed the slower pace and the atmosphere so much better than the tropical cruises. And yes, tropical cruises are awesome if you are into partying and getting drunk all the time. Which…power to ya!!! But, at this point, we just wanted a relaxing Honeymoon and Alaska hit the mark.

We woke up every morning in a new location and got to adventure together and spend time doing some awesome outdoor activities. With a cruise, we got to sit down for a semi-formal dinner nearly every night and it felt much like a special date every time. I enjoyed our cruise so much and Andy certainly enjoy the poker tables once we hit international waters 🙂


My husband has always been an animal lover and one that wants to allow animals to live in peace in their own natural habitat. The Galapagos Islands is one of those very rare places where it’s actually government regulated how many people and when people are allowed to visit and where they can go. Also…if you want a first hand look at our Galapagos trip from way back, check out this video. They were actually with us filming during our whole trip!! You can see me at 1:22 putting my camera back in my bag and 4:19 taking a photo with the group, lol.

Also, at 2:05, there is a baby seal. That very baby seal was born just hours before we shot that!! It was so cute!

The very best way to see the Galapagos is on a small boat. Ours held just a small crew and we had the best room on board with a stunning view. (note: if you get sea sick easy — probably not a good one for you)

Everything was very private and intimate. It felt like we were on a small trip with our closest friends from all over the world.


A truly romantic city!! When I returned from Iraq in 2010, not only did I pick up my first digital SLR camera, but a week after, we took off for Europe. On that trip, we went to Paris, Antwerp, and Amsterdam. Firstly, I LOVED the authentic street Belgium waffles in Antwerp. Still drooling over them today, over 8 years later. And Amsterdam is straight up fun!! But my heart belonged to Paris during that trip. So much so, that I went back again a couple years ago. I think it’s a wonderful city to have your honeymoon. You can visit the city, enjoy the tourists areas, and then relax in the romance of it all. There are lots of romantic things you can do. Even something as simple as a candlelight picnic for two is so much more romantic when you have the sparkles of the Eiffel Tower behind you.

AND if you still don’t think Paris is a good place, just look at my friends Yaneck and Sasha that got engaged in Paris!!! Photos by Ian Homes.



Because it’s Hawaii!! I love tropical and sitting on a beach, but Hawaii is da bomb! I feel like you get the best of every world in Hawaii. It’s a US state, so you know you’ll be able to get around and speak the language while still feeling like a foreigner. You can chill on the beach or go on long hikes in the tropical forest or to a volcano. And there is a ton of dancing, food, and topped off with a pig roast. (if you are into that, that is)

I have to admit, I did Hawaii all wrong! But not on purpose. When we booked our Hawaii trip, we had no clue that I’d be in my first trimester and feeling ungodly sick. We sadly did not get to enjoy it quite as much as I’d had hoped but only due to my morning (all day) sickness. I’m itching to go back, so if you decide you want to just have your wedding right in Hawaii and then honeymoon after? Hit me up, we can get you set with some stunning photography!


You’ve got to know that Norway is going to be the first choice for me. I kinda led that to be true from the intro. But seriously, I love this country. If it was right next door, I’d be visiting every single summer till forever. You can explore all day, everyday and I still don’t think you’d every see all the beauty that Norway has to offer.

If you love adventure and absolutely stunning landscapes, do NOT skip Norway. We’ve been twice now both during the rainy season, but still amazing. I think it’s the perfect destination for the adventure couple that wants to get away and embrace life together without distractions. You can wander any place you’d like and potentially never run into another person. Or you can go to main attractions and see a slew of visitors from all different countries. Every corner you turn is a new and beautiful sight. You’ll spend hours on the road simply because you find yourself stopping every few kilometers to take pictures of the breathtaking views.

Sleep under the stars in your tent or at one of the many many campsites. Hike and explore and love each other. Then when you are ready to be around more people, head into some of the cities and enjoy the quaintness of the Norway people and shops.

I could seriously go on! But I won’t. Here is a link to our last Norway trip and a super fun video on YouTube that I found that really makes me want a 3rd, 4th, and 5th trip. Check it out if you’ve got time!!!



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