Lightroom 101: Tone Curve with Colleen Bies Photography (transcription below) Hello, and welcome back. So, we’re gonna jump right in, and if you watched the other video you’ve just learned about the basics panel. Right now, we’re going into the turn curve panel. So, for me, I think that this tone curve panel is probably […]

Appleton Winter Engagement Session | Jacie and Phil Firstly, I LOVE Jacie and Phil. When I first met them, we had coffee together just above Tempest at Menlo Park. Phil did a lot of talking and Jacie seemed (at the time) a little more quiet. BUT…when it came to the engagement session, I absolutely loved […]

Lightroom 101: Basic Panel with Colleen Bies Photography (transcription below) I’m recording this because I had done a Lightroom 101 class in my home, just to kind of show other photographers some of the simple things, or the things that I think are pretty simple and basic in Lightroom, that I think everyone should know […]

Neenah Wedding Photographer It’s January 2019 as I’m writing this. I have officially been photographing weddings for nine years now. It feels like so long ago when I picked up my camera and began my journey in 2010. To date, I’ve photographed 167 weddings. (168 if you include my younger sister’s elopement I photographed with […]

My Top Travel/Honeymoon Destinations Last year, my husband and I packed our bags, called a 2 week long sitter (thanks sis!) and flew out to Norway. If you don’t already know how much I love this country, just know…that I flippin’ LOVE Norway. We had visited in 2013 and then again last year and I’m […]

11 Must Have Business Tools There is so much more in running a business than just doing that one particular task that your business is all about. There are other aspects like the administrative items, and programs and tools that help you do what you do best. I’ve found these top 11 business tools that […]

Chicago Engagement Photographer | Jess and Rob For the love of the Green Bay Packers. If it wasn’t for that, Jess and Rob would have never found their way to each other. Both Jess and Rob were attending law school at Saint Louis University and had attended a welcome party. After a debate over Packers […]

Pencils of Promise Part Three Day Four Welcome back to my Pencils of Promise trip day four and five. Part of what Pencils of Promise does in Laos and in the other countries that they help with is they offer a WASH program and TS (teacher support). Their WASH program is to really help the […]

Pencils of Promise Part Two Thank you for joining me back again to see and hear more about my trip from Laos. As a reminder, almost two years ago, the Rising Tide Society held an online summit in order to raise money to build a school with an organization called the Pencils of Promise. We […]

Pencils of Promise Part One Let’s start at the beginning. Nearly 2 years ago, The Rising Tide Society held an online summit where creative entrepreneurs could tune in for a donation as little as $1.00. The online summit ended up raising $50,000. That was what we needed to build a school with Pencils of Promise […]