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Establish: The Workshop

Educating and mentorship is something deeply rooted in me. Why? Because my entire life…I’ve searched for a mentor, a leader, a person that was just as strong-willed or more that I could relate to. This person would be someone that pushes me to be better, do better, make me a better person. Someone to push me […]

February 27, 2018

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New Orleans Styled Shoot 2018

I had the absolute pleasure of attending this year’s Rising Tide Leader’s Retreat in New Orleans. (post to come on that) With some notice that I was going to be heading down that way, I started a process of connecting with folks in the area and trying to set up this very shoot that you […]

February 21, 2018

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Green Bay Wedding Photographer | Missy & Alex

So many to look at today. And it’s because Missy and Alex were so wonderful to work with. I especially love that they incorporated so many details from their brewery. It’s my rule of thumb not to drink any alcoholic beverages — however….I totally had to try a glass (towards the end of the evening) […]

February 18, 2018


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Sweet Texas Couple in Wisconsin Cold

It was freezing out during this session….freezing!!! Okay…it was 32 degrees but still, for a Texas warm-blooded gal like Taylor, it was just too cold. Can I just say how absolutely honored I was that she picked me to document her portraits and that of her husbands family? It was funny…I was just doing my […]

February 6, 2018


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Branding Session with Danae Herrmann Photography

This entire post should be written in Envy Green font!! LOL. Because as much as I love my home, I want a home eerily similar to Danae’s haha!!! The moment I saw it, I knew that I’d fall in love with her home and I was spot on! I feel so lucky to have been able to […]

February 6, 2018

For Creatives

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Officially Introducing Creative Sessions

Officially Introducing Creative Sessions For years I’ve been asked on and off if I offer mentor sessions and I’ve always said no. Not because I don’t love teaching, because I almost became a teacher!! But, because I just didn’t think anyone would want to learn from me. That coupled with my early years of bad […]

February 1, 2018

For Photographers

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50,000 miles later | 3 life lessons you absolutely need to know

50,000 miles later…here’s 3 things in life that you absolutely need to know right now. This past year took me to amazing places in life and in faraway destinations. San Francisco, France, London, Chicago, Las Vegas, and Norway along with so many local and semi-local places I love! Of all the miles I put on, […]

December 30, 2017

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Fine Art Film Photographer | Las Vegas in November

Las Vegas Shoot A few weeks ago, I was in Las Vegas for the Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon. (I did awful). But, in light of my awfulness, I did manage to sneak in a quick photo session and I’m so so glad that I did. Up until a week prior to departing for Vegas, […]

December 4, 2017

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Leaders Retreat – NOLA 2018 coming soon

It’s happening! I just booked my flight and lodging for NOLA in January and can not wait to visit this city again! It will be almost 5 years since my last visit (way too long) and I am overdue. This city is full of life, adventure, mystery, diversity, amazing food and music to name a […]

November 20, 2017

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Green Bay Wedding Photographer | Jessie and Karl

I met Karl 3 years ago when he stood up in his sister’s wedding. I absolutely enjoyed his family and their energy and little did I know that they would be knocking on my door again to document another wedding in the family. I was absolutely honored when Karl contacted me no less than a […]

November 15, 2017


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