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Chicago Engagement Photographer

December 26, 2018

Chicago Engagement Photographer | Jess and Rob

For the love of the Green Bay Packers. If it wasn’t for that, Jess and Rob would have never found their way to each other.

Both Jess and Rob were attending law school at Saint Louis University and had attended a welcome party. After a debate over Packers and Giants, Jess was re-routed to a fellow Packer fan in the crowd. And the rest you can say…is history. I love that they met over the Packers and that that love is leading them to Lambeau for their wedding in the fall.

I’m so glad that we were able to spend a warm winter day in Chicago for their engagement session. I was in town that weekend assisting a fellow photographer and friend with a wedding. So it was only fitting that we hold the engagement session right in their resident city that following morning. If you know me at all, you know my love of caffeine. Firstly, THANK YOU Jess and Rob for totally understanding and being so patient!! During our mid-outfit change, we were going to a different location and their apartment was just on the way. Also along the way…was a Starbucks. Seeing as I hadn’t had my caffeine kick for the day, they so kindly dropped me off for my fix while they ran to change. It was perfect!!! Again, thank you!

I might also add, special thanks to Carly (Jess’s sister) for dog-sitting Brandy during the session and after. It was super helpful to have someone along and Brandy just loved Carly. But once we said bye to them, we headed to the LaSalle bridge and down my the Board of Trade. We really wanted some iconic Chicago locations seeing as their wedding would be in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

We planned for cold winter weather with a chance of snow and got a beautiful sunny day with temps rising to the 40’s. (okay…that doesn’t sound impressive, but seriously, any midwesterner would say that’s a win in winter). On this day, I learned so much about Jess and Rob. Likes and dislikes, favorite joints and foods, and Jess’s shared love of shoes.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful session!


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