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Wedding Florist | Native Sage & Co

December 20, 2019

Native Sage & Co

If there ever was a florist team that is truly dedicated to creating some floral masterpieces with superb passion and artistry; this is it. Native Sage & Co is founded by two talented ladies. Krista and Heather. Both of these ladies had spent quite a number of years in the wedding industry, from Heather’s wedding planning business to Krista’s photography business. Together, they envisioned an organic and adventurous form of artwork. Created and expressed through florals and greenery.

I am so thrilled to know these two and am very excited to see so much for of their work. They are the perfect florist for adventurous out of the box couples. In this video, they put up a beautiful art installation of real foliage and plants that they’ve carefully dried over weeks of planning. Painted carefully and gently placed into the perfect positions for a beautiful piece to decorate this space. The vision is unlimited with these two. They will create unique one of a kind pieces and I’m so thrilled for what’s to come.

Check them out: Native Sage & Co

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