Boudoir By Colleen | There’s no “right time”

February 21, 2017

So often I hear ladies tell me…”oh, it’s just not the right time”. Or “I need to lose weight” or “after I tone” or “after my mommy weight is gone” or any number of reasons. And the thing is…there is never a “right time”. So what if you are a size 2 or a size 16. I want to celebrate every woman and love everyone just the same. And more importantly, WE need to love ourselves in our own bodies and for ourselves. People have the capacity to be unpleasant and yes, that is unfortunate. But we can not let those people control our lives or change how we view ourselves. When you think of beauty and you look at all the people around you, you see real people….real women. You see people like your friends, family…mothers!! I mean, come on…not everyone’s mom is a runway model and yet I think my mom is the most beautiful woman ever!!! She is wonderful, sweet, selfless and more caring than any other person I’ve met. Beauty is SO so so much more than skin deep. We all know this and we all see it but we allow society to set the stage for what is supposed to be beautiful or not.

So let’s break that barrier. Let’s choose to be beautiful in spite of what the society norms want us to be. Let’s be brave and choose to do something for ourselves just because we want to and because we’ve earned the right to love our bodies. So, no…there is never a “right time”…but there is a “right now”. And right now…..I challenge all you ladies out there to love yourself!!!!

Styling and Makeup: VAMP by AJ

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