Boudoir Photographer | Beautiful in Blue

March 7, 2017

I loved loved loved the blue sweater that she chose for her session. It went totally perfect with the couch along with her light blue attire. Boudoir is such a wonderful experience for any woman. I often tell women that these sessions are more than a session for your significant other. It’s something for yourself. This is an empowerment session. The ability to feel comfortable in your own skin…to love yourself just the way you are…to see that you are SO beautiful! That is what I want for all women that come to me for their boudoir sessions. Boudoir By Colleen is about being in your comfort zone and loving yourself wholly. Loving who you are, the size you are, and the differences that make you YOU!
From a young age, little girls reach a point in their lives where being a “girl” becomes a bad thing. Being a “girl” makes you less of a person. And I don’t know how or why our society can make us feel this way, but it’s up to us to overcome it. It’s up to us to stand up and be proud of our bodies, our curves, our no curves, all of it. I’m so happy to do what I love and to document not only beautiful women, but to help them see their inner beauty.
If you’ve struggled and want more or have been afraid to do one of these sessions because you don’t think you “look the part”…think again, there is never a perfect time to love yourself!


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