Bucket List: Colleen goes to Boston

May 15, 2022

Bucket List

Check one off the list! Boston has been on my bucket list for what feels like an eternity. Not entirely why though, lol. I’ve traveled a lot and have been to most of the major cities in the states but Boston was just one that I never got around to but knew I always wanted to.

I was so fortunate to have a couple friends living in the Boston area that I didn’t find myself too alone. When I landed, I knew that I only had a few short days to spend there. If you don’t know, I’m a huge fan of public transport and really immersing myself in the ways of the locals whenever I travel. So I immediately found the train station; familiarized myself with the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) and hoped on the Blue Line towards Bowdin. From there, I had to do a switch to pop into the Green line so that I could hop out at Prudential. That was the closet place to my AirBNB. Which by the way was freakin adorable!! (I linked the Air BNB below if you want to take a peek).

Also…Prudential was the BEST stop because it landed me right in a giant shopping center where I found my favorite boots in the entire world there at Saks. Pretty sure I wore them 6/7 days of the week all through fall, winter, and spring! From here, it was only a couple blocks into the Back Bay area to the Air BNB. The walk was beautiful and I so so loved all the cobblestone sidewalks and streets.

My first day there, I spend time walking around the Back Bay and exploring different stops on train and then eventually found my way over to the North End where I stopped for some delicious Italian food at Parla. Super yummy food that made me very happy. I walked around the area for a bit before finding my way back into the T-line and making my way back to the AirBNB.

The second day was FULL of shopping. Lots of shopping from visiting re-sale shops to checking out all the stores on Newbury Street. I also got to spend the whole day with my friend Allie. She is a fellow photographer that I met a number of years ago in San Francisco when we were at the Honeybook Headquarters for a Rising Tide Leaders Retreat. I’m so glad to have met her then as we stayed in touch and were able to spend so much time together during my short stay. Although, I think if we DID live close to each other…it might be dangerous as we like so many of the same things and I can see us getting into some trouble together, lol. She loves the theater and so do I; so it was only fitting that we squeezed in a show. That evening, we went to see Hadestown. I laughed and I cried and I fully immersed myself in the show. One of my favorites hands down. So much so that I saw it twice more after that when it came to the PAC in Appleton.

The third day I was there, I got to have lunch and walk around the Public Garden with Leslie and her little!! Leslie is such an inspiration!! She is the founder of Burgundy Fox… a lingerie/pjs subscription company. (obsessed!!). I could talk to her for hours…learning about all the things she is doing and how she is really trying to make waves in her world.

How lucky I thought…that Boston was filled with such inspiring women and that I got to share a piece of time with them. That afternoon, I did the walking tour and walked many…many miles in the rain…stopping in and out of local bakeries and cafes to read a bit. For my short trip, I throughly enjoyed my time there. I will certainly put it on my list to re-visit again.

Boston Air BNB

Allie Photo

Burgundy Fox



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