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Chanel and Kelvin Engaged in Minneapolis

July 1, 2019

Chanel and Kelvin Engaged in Minneapolis

When two people are magically in love…this is what it looks like!

For Chanel and Kelvin’s engagement session…which was actually a pre-engagement session, myself and the mastermind behind the shoot (Krista of Native Sage & Co, and photographer herself) drove out to Minneapolis for a day trip. Chanel had no clue, but Krista and I were in the loop. We had staged this entire session not only for gorgeous photos, but to hopefully catch a proposal in the act. Unfortunately, the custom ring that Kelvin had ordered hadn’t yet arrived. But we still went on our merry way and drove over the city.

We visited so many iconic places in Minneapolis taking photos along the way. I loved just how in love these two were. It made the entire day so insanely fun and uplifting. I think I fall in love more and more with this beautiful city every time I visit. I just wish it was just a wee bit closer, lol.

Fast forward to a couple months later…Kelvin popped the question and beautiful Chanel said “yes”. In Machu Picchu of all places!!! DREAM!! If these two weren’t after my heart, they’ve pretty much have stolen. Because they are my kind of people! Caring, kind, loving and adventurous. So many thanks to my friend Krista for trusting in me to bring this vision of hers to a reality and allowing me to get to know her sister Chanel, to whom, I cannot wait to document their wedding day!!

Florals: Native Sage & Co | Dress: Rent The Runway | Hair and Makeup: Krista Hove


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