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Couples Portrait Photographer | Emilie and Aaron

October 4, 2017

Marriage isn’t just about saying your “I Do’s” and then calling it a day. It’s about living one complete life together as a couple. Growing a family, if you choose to do so and stumbling through the bad times and rejoicing in the good times. From dating in 2006 to getting married a few years later, those 11 years together have shown them exactly how to be strong as a couple.
Emilie and Aaron have definitely had their share of bad times. They’ve been there for each other during some of the worse times, when a parent or two had passed. And they have persevered through it all and their marriage has come out stronger. Marriage is a special bond and one not to take lightly.
Enjoy life and enjoy each other’s presence. When you say “I Do” remember it’s not just for today, but for everyday. And it’s not just for the good days when you are so completed in love and happy, but for the days when you are suffering and need your partner for support. Or even when you are in heavy disagreement but your love for each other is so strong, that you can’t bear to see each other unhappy.
When you find that one person to be there with you through it all…you know you’ve struck gold. And taking time to remember that bliss and to stop…even 11 years later, and say…”hey you, I love you and I’m happy” is something incredibly special. And who knows…maybe it’s just me, but I’m personally striving to be that couple that lasts till the end of the song during the generation dance and I have a feeling, these two will too!


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