Neenah | Appleton Boudoir Photographer

Neenah | Appleton Boudoir Photographer

May 10, 2019

Neenah | Appleton Boudoir Photographer

So so thrilled that after 10+ years, I’ve landed the perfect studio space. It’s in downtown Neenah and a perfect little drive for me. I have a large photography shooting space along with a small kitchenette, entry room, viewing room, and dressing room.

I feel like I won the lottery with this beautiful space and it’s tall ceilings!! This was my first session held in my studio. Some of the furniture has been re-arranged and will likely continue to change periodically. However, this is a great reflection of my space and all the amazing things and images I get to create in it for women of all ages and sizes.

From over 10 years of photographing boudoir and having it be my first love in photography, I’ve learned a few things.

I’m happy to stock an amazing wardrobe for women from XS to 4X so that women always have options without having to go through the hassle of purchasing online and struggling to find just the right pieces. I’ve even started carrying a beautiful shoe collection too that is perfect for any woman.

Having switched styles through the years as I’ve grown in my craft, I’m in love with what I do now and even moreso; love sharing my art with amazing women.

So — what do I do differently now?

Simple, I’ve just started to use all of the skills I’ve learned and put them together. I used to shy away from bold images or images that were a little risky if you know what I mean. But after many years, it felt like I was never able to showcase a side of my talent that I loved but couldn’t share.

This new space has breathed new life into me and allowed be to really own into my craft and creative voice. I truly hope that I can help empower women of all ages and sizes to feel more amazing and more confident about who they are. I want every single woman that comes through my doors or even speaks to me, to feel like they’ve gained just a wee bit more self confidence. Even if some women never becomes a client, I want all women to be elevated in their self-worth.

I sure hope you all get a chance to come visit.

Lingerie picture is from Boudoir De Pere


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